922053807373778130 #4 Karate Kid Extremely Limited Ralph Macchio Autograph #7/#25 Pop Century Card


  Welcome to our Ebay store/Auctions. Starting in October and November I will have higher end insert signed cards from Patrick Stewart, Al Pacino, Richard Dreyfuss, James Caan, Larry Hagman, Ricardo Montalban, etc.. Many of these stars I have many variations and all will be up for auction at super cheap starting bids. Whoever is high bidder wins the autographs. Please bid early as countless people e-mail telling me they bidded with 2 or 3 seconds left and the bid didn’t go thru in time on Ebay. Most of these signed cards no one else has on Ebay and I only have one of to sell. All auctions are 7 days long so please bid early!! Due to declining health, this fall is likely the end of myself selling alot of great items at great prices. I will have extra special sales and great signed cards as a thank you for 15+ great years on Ebay!! Hope you enjoy yourself!!! Before the description, because of Health reasons including paralysis, I have an extended shipping time of 10 working days to ship. If you need an item in a hurry please pass. I am having signed cards at great prices for anyone’s budget from a couple dollars to the high end signed cards. Also, please e-mail anytime if you you need anything!!! This way everyone can enjoy this most wonderful hobby of collecting during my Last Chance listings.  

  Even with paralysis, with help and assistance, I make it a very important point that every scan posted in all my auctions are individual scans of the exact item for bid or for sale. NO STOCK PHOTOS!!! With the variety of pens, metallic pens, sharpies, etc.. color of inks, where the card is signed as the signed card may be signed in many different places on the cards, etc.. it is important to have each and every item scanned for sale. Every one of our thousands of auctions has the EXACT signed card(s) you are buying shown in the scan. Please read the entire description so all Ebay user’s will feel comfortable dealing with a member of Ebay for 16+ years and also a seller/collector who has many, many, decades of experience in autographs!!!!!!

 I have many signed cards available. Obviously with health issues and paralysis and 3 fingers to do everything, it is impossible too scan and list much items!! PLEASE, if you are looking for a signed card from a tv show or movie, please e-mail me thru Ebay. I will list the item on Ebay if I have it available(no outside of Ebay sales). I mostly list more affordable signed cards, if you want medium or high end signed cards, just ask and I hope I could help you!! Please make offers fair. I can’t sell items for less than I pay for them. Thank you!!!  

   I will be listing items in the morning or in the evening. Sometimes in the afternoon and other times in the middle of the night. With Health issues, I am up at all hours and also can only list when I am physically able to. This however does make it fair to all Ebayer’s. No one knows when items will be listed so everyone has an equal chance to buy great signed items. Please e-mail anytime so every transaction is the best you can have!!! Please just don’t e-mail asking when new items will be listed. With not feeling well most of the time, I honestly do not know when I will even list!!

  This listing is for the signed card(s) listed in the title and shown in the scan(s) for a very fair market price!!! Besides individual listed categories for signed cards, huge amounts of signed cards are listed in bulk in categories such as Movie/Tv signed cards or Baseball signed cards or Football signed cards, etc.. It is impossible to have individual categories for all the signed cards I have. PLEASE LOOK IN GROUP CATEGORIES OR YOU WILL MISS MOST OF THE SIGNED CARDS AVAILABLE IN MY EBAY STORE!!  

  S&H is $4.00 for the U.S and includes tracking. Each additional signed card won or purchased is only .28 cents additional S&H. As per Ebay policies, guidelines and user’s agreement, shipping and handling includes shipping costs, materials used in shipping an item, salaries to prepare and pack orders since I am disabled, etc.. which when added together I loose money on every order shipped. I do NOT make a penny on shipping!!! Payments are required within 4 days as stated by Ebay’s policies and user agreement. These are Ebay’s rule’s, not mine. Please remember, to get the huge shipping discount, all items must be paid by Paypal with ONE single payment. 

   IMPORTANT——–From shipping times to shipping costs and everything else I do is 100% done according to Ebay’s user’s policies. As stated in the beginning of this auction and many areas of Ebay, MY general shipping time because of HEALTH reasons is stated as 10 business days upon receiving payment and Ebay gives an estimated delivery date for every itemd purchase to let customers know approx. when there package will arrive. If you are in a hurry or require an item in a couple days, due to my physical limitations, please pass. Please e-mail if you ever need any assistance for anything!! I have my extended shipping time stated almost 10 different times and places on Ebay/Paypal. Please e-mail THRU EBAY MESSAGES if you have any questions. Once again during these finals times of selling on Ebay, have alot of fun and enjoyment buying  item(s) at great prices to complete a collection or an item from your favorite movie or tv show or sports celebrity!!!!!!! Best wishes to all!!!!!

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